Why I Love Rockin' My Red Lipstick

Bianca Lambert

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When I was a teenager, I was told that I couldn't wear red lipstick because my lips were "too big" and my brown skin was "too dark". That comment has stuck with me my entire life. Like many dark skinned beauties, I have heard "You're pretty for a dark skinned girl." About three years ago, I walked into Nordstrom to replenish my foundation and concealer. In the back of my mind, I said to myself,"I want to try red lipstick." But, the voice of the person who'd told me my lips were too big and my skin was too dark to wear red lipstick crept in.

The young lady at the Nordstrom counter convinced me that MAC's Ruby Woo looked good on everyone. So, I went for it. I was so happy to rock my new shade of lipstick until the guy I was dating said, "Don't you think that color is a little too much for you?" My immediate response was no, but the insecurity set in. I was a teenager again hearing that I was too dark and my features were too big to wear a bright shade of lipstick. The following week, I walked back into Nordstrom and returned my Ruby Woo.

Fast forward to 2016, my friend Mia constantly tells me that my lips were too beautiful not to wear more color on them. So with her firm, but encouraging push I wore a bright red lip to my first trunk show at Swoozie's here in Atlanta.  


The next time, I think about wearing my red lipstick is for Mae B's holiday photos. As I am in my bathroom doing my makeup and making my final touches the last thing I select is my lip color. The voice in my head telling me I am too dark to wear red lipstick starts to play and I immediately want to play it safe with my favorite nude. But, I talk myself into trying something new. My sister (pictured to the right of me in the white dress) walks into the bathroom and I ask her, "Do you think I should change my lip color?" What I am really thinking is "Do you think I'll hate these photos later if I wear this lipstick on camera?" She without a thought says, "No, I think it looks great."

I'm not sure if it was my sister's comment or the fact that I just wanted to try something new that gave me to courage to rock my red lip with pride, but I am happy that I did! I even wore it while I was telling Mae B's story in our videos. I have a lengthy history with hearing comments about my physical beauty as it relates to my complexion and facial features, but I am on the journey to loving the skin I am in.

Is there a beauty trend you've shied away from because of an insecurity?  Do you want to try a new look in the new year? Tell us below!

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