Wishing You All A Happy Holiday Season + A Prosperous New Year

Bianca Lambert

Hi there!

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I just wanted to take a moment to tell each and every one of you, thank you for supporting Mae B this year. This year started out really rocky. I had made up my mind that I was closing Mae B and moving on to something else... I had no idea what "else" was. Hahahaha!

Thanks to your kind e-mails, taking a break to regroup, and renewing my faith; I was able to start this journey again. See, creating a brand for brown women is my passion. It is one of the few things the fulfills my life and feeds my spirit. So I appreciate you sticking with us. 

I named this company in honor of my grandmother Mae and I know she would be so proud to know I didn't give up. If any of you out there are struggling to find your purpose or the road you've chosen feels rocky, just know that it will pass. You just have to work through the struggle and some of the time that can mean pivoting. Find a new way to get to your destination.

I hope that each of you reading this has a beautiful holiday and an amazing 2016!

Talk soon!


P.S. We're starting a book club in January! Be on the look out for the dets! Add your e-mail to the bottom of this post so we can e-mail you our first read!

See you guys in 2016!


  • I’d like to be a part of the book club. And keep up the good work and doing what you love!

    Dasha Jackson

  • Great message! Excited about the book club!


  • Book club!!!


  • I knew you could do it! God is good.
    Aunt Jacquie

    Jacquelyn Lambert-Davis

  • Please add me to the book club list ! And thanks for sharing your story !

    Kateria Goodman

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