3 Ways To Give + Save During The Holiday Season

Brittany butler

The holidays are such a wonderful time of year. It is also a time notorious for overspending. It is wonderful to give gifts that light up the faces of the people you love. Who doesn't love a new iPad or the latest designer bag?! We want to make those around us happy. Let’s be honest after the gifts are unwrapped and the holiday season is over people are on to the next event. So, this holiday season I want you to continue to give, but more importantly give to yourself. Save money for yourself to invest in things you have put off for years.  Things like paying off debt, starting your business, or traveling to the destination of your dreams!

So let’s get into how you can give and save at the same time.


1)Set a Holiday Budget

  • Be Realistic. Keep your budget realistic. Setting a spending limit that is impossible won't make reaching your financial goals attainable. Include everything you plan on doing for the holidays- company parties, family/friends holiday parties, travel, cooking, and gift giving. Set your holiday budget based on what you have left after you take care of your household expenses and added 10% to your savings.
  • Start now. Setting a budget will keep you accountable and help you not overspend.
  • Sacrificing is okay. Although, I want to give my kids everything on their Christmas list, I understand it is just not realistic when you have financial goals. My husband and I know that our goals to pay off our house and car will benefit our whole family in the long run. So even during Christmas we have to remember our overall financial goals. I set a spending limit for each of my 3 kids, and then find items to match the budget. My son wanted a bike last year. I researched a bike within our budget and found the perfect bike for my son.



2) Get Creative with Gift Giving

  • Be Thoughtful

               A great way to give gifts to many people are cards. Giving someone a thoughtful, handwritten note still holds value. Use a card to tell the special people in your life how much they mean to you with written words. Mae B is great way to do this with their holiday bundle. Purchase now and purchase early so that you reduce stress and save money.

  • Be Crafty
                  Framed Words One year for Christmas I gave all my aunts and uncles a frame with an inspirational poem written inside. The frames all came from the dollar store. I use my home printer for the poems. It is a very nice touch to see them in everyone's house years later.

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      Glitter Shot Glass Vases

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      Cozy Sweater Pillows

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      • Be SavvyIf you are apart of a big family suggest a gift exchange. Not only will it save you and your family money. You will have started a brand new family tradition. responsible for purchasing one to two gifts and still give to your family or friends.


      3) Research Deals

      Preparing holiday meals can get expensive. Here are three ways to plan a holiday feast without breaking the bank.

      1.  Pot Luck
      2. Couponing- A How To Video (Click To Watch) 
      3. Savings Apps- Target Cartwheel Mobile App, and website and downloadable apps

        It is great to give but remember to give to yourself as well. And that you save for the things you want in 2016. What are some ways you are going to save this holiday season? Don't forget to print your handy holiday season budget sheets!

        Author:Brittany Butler

        Brittany Butler is the Founder of a place for women to start managing their finances and get a start on funding their dreams. Personal finances are near and dear to her heart because of her personal experience of paying off $40,000 of debt in one year. She now teaches other women the confidence and clarity they need to start knocking down debt and building their dreams!




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