3 Reasons You Should Send a Handwritten Card

Bianca Lambert

Living in the digital age has made us all a little lazy when it comes to communicating. Sending a thank you e-mail, sending condolences through a Facebook message, and birthday texts have become the norm. I understand why. We are all busy running our lives, but I think we should be taking moments to remind the people around us that they are valued.  Here are three reason you should send someone you care about a handwritten note:
 1.To let someone know they are amazing
Whether it is a co-worker that always has a big smile, a friend that helped you out when you needed a favor, or to thank a neighbor for keeping an eye on your place while you were on vacation. Taking a moment out of your day to write a thank you note will give an elevated feeling of gratitude a text or quick in person thank you just cannot do.
2. When a friend is going through a tough time
When I was thinking about closing Mae B, my friend Colette sent me a card from New Jersey. When I opened it, I cried. It was so thoughtful of her and the message she wrote lifted me up. I always knew she was there for me but that gesture made me appreciate her friendship so much more. Sometimes, we all need a little bit of encouragement and to know that there is someone in our corner. Small gestures always add a little sunshine to someone's day.
3. Just to say "Hey Girl Hey"
Facebook and “the gram" are the ways most of keep up with our friends and family these days. But, sending a card is a more personal and thoughtful way to say “Hey! I miss you!”. Especially, if friends live across the country or even outside of the states. I can almost guarantee they will appreciate that you took the time to write and send them a note.

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