5 Tips To Take On Your Girl Boss Journey

Bianca Lambert



Many of us have the desire to be the next big girl boss. We spend hours scrolling through our social media timeline's admiring girl bosses that are making their dreams come true. While it is always great to find brands that inspire you it can be dangerous to compare yourself or business to someone else's.

When I started Mae B, I wasted hours of my time on Instagram comparing my brand to those that I admired. Here is a little advice-Stop it now! I am just like you. I wake up each day and fight for my dream of being the ultimate girl boss. I have moments that I feel like throwing the towel and taking a full-time job in some airy office in NYC, but I don't quit. I stay the course.

Here are a few things I've learned on my journey.

1. Your Vision Is Unique

When I started Mae B, I found myself aspiring to build my brand the same way as other girl bosses. I spent hours looking at their social media pages, website designs, and content. I soon found myself frustrated about my progress. I couldn't understand why my efforts felt so forced. My efforts were not a success because I was working to recreate someone else's vision. It is great to admire companies, but modeling your brand after someone else's idea won't make you a success. Take a moment to write down what makes your brand unique. Building your strategy around your strengths will make your messaging clear and authentic.

2. Operate Like A Small Business

There is something magical about being a small business owner right now. Many consumers are gravitating to small, local businesses. Running your company like you have twenty employees when you are a solopreneur is a mistake. There is value in operating as a small business. Don't let that little voice in your head tell you otherwise. Setting boundaries for yourself can be a great asset to you and the growth of your brand. One of the ways I set boundaries at Mae B is by keeping a close eye on our inventory. Have you ever walked into an upscale boutique and taken a look at the size run on their racks? You can almost guarantee there are limited quantities of each item you see stocked on their shelves. When the size run sells out that item is gone forever. Now, I restock many of our sold out items, but I keep in mind that we are a boutique and not Target.

3. Grow Your Company Organically

Growing a company too fast can often result in bad customer service and cause you and your business to burn out quickly. I have hit quite a few walls growing Mae B, but each time I find myself at a roadblock I set realistic short-term goals. It is nice to think about reaching millions of new customers, but the reality is that type of volume isn't something we can handle yet. Each year we reach new consumers that truly connect with our brand. Growing at a steady pace allows your company to develop without the pressure of growing too fast.

4. Put Yourself Out There

Making myself the face of Mae B was not something I was excited about starting out. Putting yourself out there is tough especially when you're a private person, but there are ways to share your story without giving up your privacy. I enjoy telling Mae B's story because sharing it allows people to understand why I am so passionate about my company. Sharing your brand's mission is essential to the growth of any business. Whether you're sharing it with your Uber driver or local news publication, you're taking the steps to share your company with a new audience. 

5. Focus On What Your Company Does Best

As I said before, no one else can bring the vision for your company to life but you. There will be similar companies in the marketplace but acknowledging the strengths of your business, and yourself as an entrepreneur will give your business a competitive edge. Keep in mind that doesn't mean speaking negatively of another business. You're just highlighting what makes your company shine.

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