Hello 29... See You Soon 30

Bianca Lambert

I am turn 29 today. All week I have felt myself quietly spiraling and questioning every decision I have made in my 20’s that has lead to this year.

You know? Like the ex-boyfriend that got away. The full time job I quit to become a business owner. Not taking the time to make getting married and have kids a priority. Blah, blah, blah.

Listen, we are not all meant to get to those places at the same time. Even if our Facebook timeline tells us otherwise.

Here are 6 things I have learned as a 20 something that let me know I am on the right track:

1) I have found that as I have gotten through my mid to late 20’s I care less about what people think. I mean when you really think about it. The people who are taking time to gossip about you are not paying your bills, supporting your dreams, or worth the energy of explaining yourself. 

2.) I have also found that spending time dwelling on the past is a pure waste of time. I could have been, I should have done, I would be here if, etc are all just taking up valuable space in your head that you could be using to kick ass in the future (see Yonce below).

3) Friends that don't genuinely support you or that are gossips have to go. I like to call them nasty nice. They smile in your face but as soon as you turn your back they have nothing nice to say about you. I spent years trying to be friends with people who consistently showed me that my friendship was not important to them. In the words of one of my great girlfriends, "See ya lata bye"!

4) I no longer give my time to guys who don't treat me well. I don't have the energy to play games or chase you around because you are afraid of commitment. Nor, do I have time for the guy who is still running the streets and spending every second they get "turning up". 

5) I cherish the relationships I have with my parents more than I ever did growing up. I always thought they were too strict and sheltered me. Now I look at how they raised me as such a blessing and I value their opinions so much. We don't see eye to eye on everything but I am glad they are here to listen and to help me when I need it.

5)  Life is not a race. I know that with social media it is easy to look at other peoples lives and feel like you aren't doing enough. I feel like that more often than I would like to admit. That isn't true. You are on your own journey and writing a unique story. I am not exactly where I want to be yet but I am doing the hard work now to get there. For me that means sacrificing things that I hope to have in the future; like getting married, having stable finances,opening my own store, and traveling. Entrepreneurship takes a lot out of you but also is so rewarding. I am sure that can be said for any career.

6) Count your blessings. Do your best. Know your worth. Dance like the world is watching.

Talk soon!










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  • Very inspirational! Happy Belated Birthday?


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