A Mae B Story: The Inspiration behind the "LAC and B" Card

Bianca Lambert

This card started it all and was featured in the July 2014 issue of Essence Magazine. It still feels like a dream some times.


This card is special to me because the inspiration came from a tradition one of my college best friends and I had when I would visit her and Remi (her adorable pup) in Nashville. 

When I landed in Nashville, I always knew there would be Thai, movies, and wine. 

There is an amazing Thai restaurant that is a hole in the wall but has the best Thai food I have ever had and not mention its budget friendly. LAC is in dental school and I would visit for auditions so we were so happy when we found this place! It is called Thai Pooket if you are ever in Nashville.

The funniest part of this tradition was that LAC would ALWAYS have a promo code for at least two free movies. If one didn't work she had another code. It makes me laugh out loud just thinking about it!

LAC has been with me through A LOT so this card is one of my absolute favorites. 

Every card created has a story behind it. So we will be sharing those stories with you every Monday!

So stay tuned!


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