5 Essentials Every Girl Needs For Essence Festival

Bianca Lambert

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It's our favorite time of year again!


Essence Festival is one of our favorite festivals: the music, the beautiful city of New Orleans, and all of the gorgeous people that come out every year make this event so special. This will be our SIXTH year attending and we want to pass along a few tips for making this weekend memorable. We've made a list of our must have essentials for the weekend! See them below:


1. A Portable Phone Charger

Essence Festival is a weekend filled with great panels and tons of celebs, so you will want to snap as many photos as you can. The celebrities are always so nice and are willing to take a selfie! We all know that between taking the photos, finding the perfect filter, and uploading them to our favorite social networks your phone battery goes from 100% to dead real quick!

 So be sure you come prepared. 

Here is a great option. All you need is your phone cord:

iFrogz Mobile Battery Charger


2. Sunscreen

We know there is this myth that black girls don't need sunscreen. That is FALSE! Sunscreen is a necessity. There is a lot of walking at Essence so be sure to protect your beautiful skin from the UV rays. Here are two of our favs. These are great because they won't leave your skin feeling sticky. 

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock



3. An Awesome Pair of Flats or a Comfy Wedge

Like we said before, there is A LOT of walking. We know it's important to be fly but we would recommend saving the fierce heels for the day parties and the concerts at the Super Dome. Opting for comfort during the day while visiting the convention center and exploring New Orleans will be a great choice. You can thank us later!  Here are a couple of our favorite options:

Joe's "Ranger" Leather Gladiator Sandal


Topshop "Humble" Lace Up Sneaker 

4. A Crossbody Bag

We are huge fans of crossbody bags when we're at large events. It just makes it easier to keep up with your valuables. 

Here is one of our favorites from Forever21:



If you're feeling bold you can try a cool JammiePack like this one:



5. A Great Attitude 

We think this is the most important of all of our essentials. Essence Fest is a BIG event and brings out a lot of people. Be prepared for long lines and bumping into a person or two. The awesome thing about an event of this size is that you get to meet new people that are all sharing the same exciting experience, so make the most of it!


Dance, smile, take lots of photos, and take it all in! It is certainly a great experience! 


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  • Love these ideas! Just came across your website and I’m in LOVE.


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