3 Ways I'm Staying in Shape This Summer- On a Budget!

Bianca Lambert

As many of you know I am from Atlanta. The place where its 86 degrees and 100 percent humidity. The struggle gets real! But what I do appreciate about summer in Atlanta is that there are so many fun ways to stay in shape without a gym.

If you're a girl like me that is on a strict budget going to the gym is not the best option.

So here are a few things I have been doing to keep myself in shape and not break the bank!


1. Biking

I chose biking due to a thief deciding to steal my car. If I saw that person today, I'd thank them because I am now in the best shape ever. Purchasing a bike can be a pretty major investment but if you use it as your main method of transportation it really does save you money in the long run.  I got my bike online for a little less than $200. It's not as fancy as the bikes the other cyclists are rolling on the beltline with but it gets the job done. It's pretty stylish too! 


2. Yoga

Here in Atlanta, King of Pops does an outdoor yoga series on the Atlanta Belt Line every Tuesday at 6 PM and it is FREE!

Since many of you guys are from NYC, I did a little digging and found a great yoga series in Bryant Park that is sponsored by ATHLETA! You don't even need a mat! They provide them for you. I may have to plan to attend!

Here is the link to register:

If you guys have any other suggestions add them to the comment section below! 

3. Running

Running is such a great way to get cardio but also ease your mind. I always feel amazing after a run. I can run about 8 miles now but it wasn't always that way. I started off walking a mile and then running a mile until I was able to build my endurance. If you're like me and have a little trouble with your knees (perks of getting older) but still love to run find a track or run in the grass. It will help ease the shock to your joints.

I think it is important to note we all have different bodies. I have a very athletic build that I always hated but am now loving because I understand that this is how I was made. So when you're getting your summer time sexy on- remember that you're doing this to become a healthier version of you! Not an unrealistic version of someone else. Got it?!

Talk soon!


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