Life is Like Riding a Bike

Bianca Lambert

About 3 months ago, my car was stolen. I remember walking out to my car (or the parking spot where my car was) and thinking,"Maybe I forgot where I parked?" Then reality set in that someone was bold enough to steal my car. Like who steals an entire car?! I am still shaking my head.

Fast forward to now, I have decided to use a bike to get around since I live in the city and everything I need is close. I am still a bit scared of riding on the street with these crazy Atlanta drivers but I am starting to adjust. I even ride it to work at the art museum.

The first day I rode my bike into work, I literally thought I was going to just pass out and die. It was SO hard. I kept thinking "What the heck was I thinking"?! I felt defeated. I felt like I needed to call an Uber every second I was on that bike. But, I decided I could not give up. I went back to the store and bought a bike that was more suitable for commuting versus a bike that just looked good. I didn't know there was a difference!

After I exchanged my bike, I still found the commute challenging. My muscles ached, my breath was short, and the defeated feeling started to set in again. But, I couldn't give up. I had to give my body enough time to adjust to this new experience. 

I think the same can be said for anything you decide to do in life. It can be challenging and make you feel like you haven't made the right decision. But, that isn't true. Switch gears, pace yourself, take a break if you need to, and give it time. 

I know I probably make it sound really simple, but that is the attitude I take with me everyday. Especially, when it comes to Mae B. It's all a journey

Talk Soon,



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