4 Tips for Hosting a Simple Dessert Party

Bianca Lambert

If you're like me, you have friend's the are celebrating major milestones in their lives.  Milestones like a 30th birthday, purchasing their first home, graduating from college, starting a business, or getting married. The one thing I am learning is to spend more time celebrating the great things as they happen. Since we're all about keeping it simple, but sparkly at Mae B.

I have for 4 tips for hosting a simple, budget-friendly dessert party! 


Select the Invitation:

When sending out an invitation timing is key. If you send it out too early the invite might get misplaced and if you send it out too late your guests will likely already have plans. For a cocktail party, you can send your invitation out 2-4 weeks from the event date. Keep in mind your invitation let's the guest not only know the who, what, when, where of your party, the invite will  also let guests know what to wear for the occasion. 

Select Your Cake:

Since you're hosting a dessert party you can opt for a great cake or sweet treats your guests will love. For this post, I decided to make an white cake with rose petals. I added a little color to the cake batter with red food dye.


The Cocktail:


Here is where you can keep it simple, but elegant. Champagne is always a great idea when celebrating a milestone. All you need are your favorite champagne flutes and a few bottles of bubbly. 


B Tip: Add a raspberry to the champagne to give it a little extra flavor. The raspberry will also give the champagne a light pink hue.

The Decor:

I kept the table simple but I also got a little creative. I took two wine bottles and wooden letters that spelled cheers and spray painted them gold. I will post a tutorial soon!

No matter the occasion, the key is to have fun with your party prep! When I was baking my cake I lost a layer and I kind of had a moment, but I pulled it together and made it work! 


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  • Are you working on a 2017 calendar? I love the one you have featured in your blog.

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