4 Ways to Maintain Friendships When You're a Girl On the Go

Bianca Lambert



There are so many blog posts that give you pointers on how to be a rockin' girl boss but there are a fewer that talk about finding the balance in your life. All girl bosses need time to have a little fun and recharge. I find that girl talk is one of the things that renews my spirit. When I say girl talk, I don't mean gossiping. I mean having a cocktail, surrounded by great ambiance, and just having an unfiltered conversation about things happening in our lives.


Here are 4 ways to maintain your friendships while balancing life:

1. Make Time to Talk

I know. You're so busy. You've tried to make time to talk with your friends, but with work, life, and only 24 hours in a day it's tough to commit to picking up the phone. You see your friends updates on Facebook and everything looks great. We all know looks can be deceiving especially when it comes to social media. The same way you schedule meetings, kids activities, and life events-apply that to having a conversation with your girlfriends. You never know what someone is struggling with and how you reaching out can affect their day.

2. Turn It Off

When you do find yourself with a free moment to catch up with one of your girls do your best to stay in the moment. I have be guilty of placing my phone on speaker and talking to a friend while texting, working, or checking my e-mail. If you have five minutes, make those moments count. 

3. Plan a Lunch or Dinner Date

A girl's gotta eat right? Why not have a meal with a friend? My friend Mia and I love to take advantage of Taco Tuesday at our favorite BBQ spot, Sweet Auburn BBQ. $2 tacos+ one of my favorite people + amazing cocktails= a great time.  It is fun, budget-friendly, and we get face to face girl talk time. Check out the social media pages of your favorite hangouts or places you've been wanting to try for daily specials. 

4. Sweat It Out

Here in Atlanta we have the BeltLine. It's a 22 mile trail that runs through Atlanta. During the warm months of the year, my friend Kristian and I meet up to go for a run. Whether you try a new spin class, sweat it out in hot yoga, or run your favorite trail planning a workout is a great way to get moving, get your endorphins flowing, and sip a little tea. Don't forget to keep an eye out for community yoga classes in the park. King of Pops (an Atlanta company that has amazing popsicles) hosts a free yoga class in the park on Tuesday's. ATHLETA also hosts Yoga classes in Bryant Park in NYC.

Don't let life get in the way of building and maintaining meaningful friendships. 

See you next week!



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